When social network builders like LinkedIn and Twitter were created, they were an important addition to the tech world. But now that they’re ubiquitous, are they a useful tool?

It’s hard to pin down a precise number of people who use social media, but according to research by the internet company StatCounter, a recent survey by Nielsen found that around 20% of people use them for personal information.

LinkedIn and Instagram are among the most popular social network providers, with roughly 9% of users.

StatCounter also found that 43% of social media users had some form of personal data, which could be anything from email addresses and passwords to images and profile photos.

The company’s data also found users were more likely to be younger, female, and wealthier than the general population, as well as being more likely than the average to have been to college or work in a STEM field.

Statcounter’s survey found that the more people use social networks, the more likely they are to use their personal information for commercial purposes.

In a separate report, StatCounter said that about 10% of the US population used social networks for commercial reasons, and the average cost of a user’s data on these sites is around $1.50 per month.

LinkedIn has been a big driver of this trend.

It offers free ads to users and gives them the option to pay for paid accounts.

Stat Counter found that on average, users spent $7.33 per month on paid accounts, compared to around $5.50 on a free account.

LinkedIn’s average cost per month for a paid user was around $7, and its average cost for a free user was $4.70.

Stat counter also found a few notable trends among the demographic it surveyed.

It found that those who use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were significantly more likely for social network data to be used for commercial information, while people who didn’t use these sites were less likely.

The most popular data types StatCounter surveyed were email addresses, password hashes, and photos.

Email addresses were by far the most common data type used for data sharing on social networks.

Email accounts are used by many companies to track their customers, and most social network platforms offer an email account, too.

In addition to email addresses in StatCounter’s survey, Statcounter found users of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest also used email accounts.

While StatCounter has found that users of these platforms are the most likely to use these services for commercial data, it also found people from the other four social networks are far less likely to share their personal data with anyone.

StatSource also found LinkedIn was more likely and people from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to use social network sites for personal data.

Statnet also found those who did use these networks were the most heavily weighted with social network and personal data and most likely for their personal content to be shared to third parties.

StatNet’s survey also found many people who used these services had similar preferences for these platforms.

For example, the most commonly used platform for personal info for those who didn´t use social networking was LinkedIn.

People who didnât use these platforms for data were most likely also the most willing to share information about their social networks to third-parties.

The other two platforms for personal and non-personal data were Instagram and Snapchat.

Stat Source said people who were most interested in sharing their personal life to third party companies were the users who were least likely to post personal data to social networks or Instagram.

Snapchat users were also the least likely people to share personal information to third parties.

StatSources report that the most people who are active in social media are those who arenât using these platforms to connect with other users.

For instance, more than two thirds of active users on Facebook were not on LinkedIn, while nearly one in five of active Instagram users were not in the social networking site.

StatTrends research also found the most users who are interested in having a conversation online are those users who aren’t using social networking.

It said the average time spent on social networking sites for active users was around two hours per day.

Stat Trends said that the majority of social network users use these tools for their own interests.

The biggest advantage social networking offers users is that they can use their profile pictures and photos as a way to build their profile.

StatData also found active users who had very few or no posts on social media were the ones who were the least willing to post to third people.

StatThe data from StatTrend found that active users were the people who most often shared their information to others.

StatInnovation, a digital marketing company that works to make social networks more relevant to the needs of their users, also found these trends were evident across the industry.

“Our research shows that the largest reason for people using social networks is for personal use and not to connect and connect to others,” said Nick Schuster, chief innovation officer at Innovation.

“But for most people, their most important use for social networking is for connecting with

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