What’s the worst thing about being a politician?

A few years ago, I worked as a social media strategist in Washington, D.C. And while I worked there, I did not expect to spend much time talking about politics.

The job was for Washingtonians who love their city and its people.

But as we began to expand our coverage, I began to see a trend that was not surprising: Americans are increasingly disengaged with politics.

They don’t feel they have much influence.

And they are not willing to spend money or time to keep up with politics because they are bored with it.

In a new study, I found that people are increasingly bored with politics, too.

We live in a digital age, and the way that we interact online is changing the way we think and the people we meet.

The researchers who conducted the study, from Princeton University and Princeton University’s Hoover Institution, focused on people in their 20s and 30s, a time when most people are young and engaged in social media.

The study was a pilot study that was intended to help researchers understand how and why people use social media, as well as how and when they engage with it in the real world.

But the findings suggest that the way people interact online with each other is changing.

The problem is not just that our interactions are not as interactive as they used to be.

The results show that a lot of the activity on social media is not about politics, it’s about a very specific kind of social interaction.

The more times you see a friend post something on Facebook, the more likely you are to see that friend in a relationship or an online dating app.

And the more times someone posts something on Instagram, the less likely you will see them at a meeting or meeting with a group.

It’s like the old adage that the more people you know, the fewer people you have to get together.

And that, the researchers say, is an important lesson.

People don’t really get into politics because it is boring.

They get into it because it can be fun, because it offers a sense of belonging, and because it brings out the best in them.

That is what makes it so compelling, the ability to connect with others who share the same values.

And it is that connection that drives the kind of political engagement that the study found is most common among people who live in their teens and early 20s.

This study shows that engagement on social networks is not what we used to think it was.

The study shows a growing disconnect between how people interact on the web and how people actually behave in the world.

For the most part, people who are social are not really engaged with politics in real life.

The Pew Research Center has found that only about 30 percent of people who have friends on Facebook have ever taken an active part in politics.

A lot of them aren’t even actively participating.

That’s because many of those people have moved away from politics, because they aren’t going to be able to relate to a political party anymore, and they don’t want to get involved with political events.

Social media, however, is different.

In the survey, participants said that their favorite topics on social platforms include sports, sports news, and politics.

When asked if they ever go out to a sporting event, almost half of people said they never.

So the most popular topics on the social networks for young people are sports, politics, and social media and entertainment.

People who live online are more likely to be active on social networking sites.

And this is not a trend confined to social media; people in the survey said that most people on Facebook also spend time on Instagram and Snapchat.

What’s interesting is that young people who use social platforms to talk about politics are also more likely than other people to be political.

What this means is that people who aren’t political are more engaged in politics and more likely in social networks than people who do.

The same is true for young Americans.

But that’s not to say that young adults are not engaged in the political process.

They are, and this study shows just how.

What is the best way to connect?

There are many ways that young Americans can engage with politics that are different than traditional social networks.

One of the key things to remember is that a large majority of young people, according to the Pew survey, are not actively engaged in political campaigns.

This is true even when they are actively involved in politics online.

The number of times a young person mentions the word “election” on Facebook is just 0.4 times a typical Facebook user does.

And of course, young people don’t have a lot to say about politics online: They have little to no access to information about candidates, the candidates, and campaigns.

But they can share their views about issues, such as health care and the environment.

And people are also less likely to use social networks to discuss politics.

This means that people can express their views without having to rely on Facebook or Twitter for the information they need.

For instance, if

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