‘We will not accept the occupation’ – Israeli PM’s speech on Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a speech outlining the country’s new policy towards the Palestinians and the Arab world, with a promise to work towards peace and a two-state solution.

In his address to the Joint Plenary of the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu said he will announce a plan to end Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

He said the government would set up a commission that would work towards creating an independent Palestinian state in the West.

“We will be ready to establish a two state solution that is just, democratic and secure,” Netanyahu said.

“We will end the occupation and all settlements, and make an agreement for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Palestinian territories.”

Israel occupied the West of the occupied Palestinian territory of the 1967 Middle East war, which lasted for two decades, from 1967 to 1973.

The Palestinians seek a state in their future borders, which include east Jerusalem, which they say is the capital of their future state.

A number of countries have already signed peace agreements with the Palestinians in recent years, including Egypt, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Netanyahu’s speech to the UN general assembly will come a day after the Palestinians announced the creation of a new political bloc in the UN General Assembly called the Palestinian National Initiative.

The bloc, which will be led by Fatah, will be made up of representatives of all the Palestinian political parties.

Neta was addressing a UN General Association session in New York at the height of the US-Israel conflict, which he described as “the greatest catastrophe” in the world.

“Israel’s actions, in the region, have led to an escalation of the situation and an increase in the number of refugees,” he said.

He also said the Palestinian leadership was “committed to a comprehensive and irreversible peace process”.

“Our goal is to achieve a lasting, comprehensive peace, based on the two-State solution, with the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, along with the creation and the right of return for Palestinian refugees,” Netanyahu added.

“That is what is most important to us.”‘

We will continue to push for peace’The prime minister also said he was committed to pressing for the creation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of an independent Palestine.

“Our long-term goal is the establishment of an inclusive and sovereign Palestinian state, with full sovereignty over all of the territory and borders of the state of Palestine,” he added.

The prime minster said Israel will continue pushing for peace with all of its neighbours and with the international community.

“The international community has always been with us, even in the darkest days,” he told the UNGA.

“I think that the time for complacency has passed,” he warned.

Netayim said his speech to UNGA would focus on the current crisis in the Middle East and how it affects the entire world.

He thanked all of those who have been “welcoming Israel to the United States”, which he said has always welcomed the Jewish state.

“In the name of peace and friendship, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Israeli people, to the people of the Palestinian Arab Republic, to all those who stand with Israel in this difficult time,” he continued.

“And I would also like to thank all the Arab and Islamic nations who are supporting Israel, who are willing to make a contribution to this process.”

A strong, united Palestinian state is the only way out of this crisis,” he concluded.

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