Twitter users: You’re not going to find the perfect hashtag for the ‘Ottawa’ social network

Twitter users across Canada are celebrating the arrival of a new hashtag — “Ottawa” — as the “cent social network” that they can use to find friends and connect.

The hashtag has been gaining traction, gaining a loyal following on social media, and it has even caught the attention of the RCMP, who are now looking into the possibility of using it to track down criminal activity.

“I feel like the ‘cent social networking’ is the perfect platform to help the government and police in their investigation into this issue,” tweeted one user, who went on to say that “Ottawans need to be able to share their views without being targeted by people who might want to harm them.”

“Ottawa will be the centre of the universe for this type of investigation,” another user added.

The “Ottablog” hashtag has caught the eye of the federal police, who recently issued a public warning to anyone using the “Ottabelog” to send hate-filled messages to the city’s mayor.

“We believe the ‘entire world’ will be watching Ottawa in the coming days, and you will need to make sure you are vigilant and that your actions do not bring harm to those in power,” the RCMP said in a statement.

The RCMP has previously told The Canadian Press that “the RCMP is aware of concerns that a few individuals may be using the ‘Otawa’ hashtag to harass or threaten a member of the public, which could be a criminal offence.”

The hashtag, which has gained popularity over the last few weeks, has been embraced by Ottawa’s mayor and other city leaders, who have been posting pictures and videos of themselves with it on their social media accounts.

The Twitter account, which is operated by “the Ottawa Community Engagement Network,” is hosted on the Twitter app and is also available on the “Twitter for Business” website.

The account is created by a group of Ottawa city councillors, and includes the mayor of Ottawa, a number of councillors from other cities, the city manager and the mayor’s office.

The Ottawa Community Center, which was created in April, was created to help Ottawa’s business community meet other Ottawa’s community needs, and is currently home to about 150 people.

“Ottabiges” is a shortened version of “Otabigies,” which is the name of an Ottawa street and the name for the city.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and his wife, Anne-Marie, are the co-owners of the Ottawa Community Centre, which opened in April.

The Facebook page, which currently has around 1,600 likes, is filled with pictures of people smiling and posting photos of themselves wearing the “Ottabig” hashtag.

The social media site’s “Ottaflog” page has attracted a similar amount of followers, with many people commenting on how the “oohs” and “aahs” of the hashtag are very different.

“You can’t be the same person, you can’t have the same personality, you have to be different.

You have to look at it from different perspectives,” one commenter wrote.”

A lot of people just want to be the person that everyone wants to be, and they want to show that they’re different,” another commented.

The Canadian Press contacted the Ottawa-based social media network, Twitter Canada, and Facebook for comment, but received no response by the time of publication.

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