Thai social network interview: ‘You should go back to being yourself’

Posted February 01, 2019 09:29:00 Thai social networking site ThaiSocial has announced it is shutting down in the wake of the murder of its founder, former journalist Thaksin Shinawatra.

The social media site has been offline since November 1.

Thailand’s police chief said on Thursday the “evil” crime was committed by “the mastermind” of the assassination.

He said the killing was part of an attempt to topple Mr Shinawati’s government and install a “dictator”.

“I think it was a terrible crime.

It was not done for political reasons,” said Thai police chief Chaiboon Pongsakul.

“The mastermind should be punished.

It’s time to move on.”

Thai police have charged a man who was detained on suspicion of being a member of the Thai Communist Party with murder.

He has been remanded in custody.

On Thursday, Mr Shinagawa, 77, was shot in the head at his home in Bangkok, where he was living with his family.

Mr Shinagwa’s widow, Siti, told reporters he was “a very intelligent, generous, kind and generous person”.

The killings of the two journalists have shocked Thailand.

Mr Shinawanatra, an award-winning investigative journalist, was assassinated by a political rival in 2011.

His brother, former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatsai, was also killed in a similar manner.

The former leader, who is now in prison, was overthrown in a coup in 2015.

Police are still searching for two men suspected of the crime.

In a statement, the Thaksis claimed Mr Shinabat’s murder was “part of a plot” against their government.

A statement from the Shinawatas’ lawyers on Thursday said they had not received any formal complaint from anyone.

However, the statement added that their “sole motive for the murder is to take revenge” for their brother’s death.

It said Mr Shinawsai had become a political prisoner, and they “are ready to fight the extradition” of his murderers if needed.

This comes after a recent interview by The Associated Press, in which Thaksi activist, writer and blogger Anakruth Samuels said the Thais would “go to the extreme” to kill Mr Shinavatras “fear and hate”.

He told the AP the Thakas would go to “the extreme” in the future to kill people “they fear”.

In October, the Thai government declared Mr Shinahas death a “terrorist act”.

Thaksi sympathisers have also vowed to carry out further attacks on the former prime minister.

More than 100 people, including police officers and government officials, were killed in the crackdown.

The murders shocked the country, but the Thaysi community is still highly loyal to Mr Shinapras family.

A statue of Mr Shinas wife was unveiled in the Thai capital on Thursday.


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