Scrumptious fake Twitter account with ‘Fagface Social Network’

Fagface is a fake Twitter feed that features a series of pictures of a fake Fag Face (who is wearing a shirt and sunglasses) posing with a fake “FagFace” (a fake Twitter handle that appears to belong to the same person who owns the account).

The fake Twitter accounts have been active since 2015 and since 2017 were mostly targeted by social media censors, with the most recent accounts being shut down after a series.

In October 2017, a fake account that appeared to belong, or had been registered in, Russia and had been used to send anti-Semitic tweets and racist comments was shut down.

The Fake Twitter account in question was @FakeFagFaces, which has been suspended after an investigation. 

In July 2017, an account called @FagfacesLion, which used the same name and photo of a real lion, was shuttered following a Twitter crackdown.

In September 2017, the Twitter account @Fags_Lion was suspended for two weeks after it retweeted a picture of a pig with a caption that read “Lion killed by the Jew”.

In September 2018, a Twitter account that used the account name @FakeBucks tweeted a picture depicting an image of a person in a black hoodie, which was then followed by the tweet “Bucks was a Jew in a hoodie”.

The account has since been suspended.

In December 2017, @Fangs_Fag was shut for one month after the account was found to be a fake.

It has since gone back to being a parody account, but was also used by some users to harass journalists, journalists-turned-extremists and other journalists.

In January 2018, @FakeGiants tweeted a fake photo of an elephant, which quickly went viral.

In May 2018, an alleged “Fags” account was created in the name of a fictional Fags who used to live in New York City. 

In October 2018, the account @FakeKongSays was suspended after the alleged account owner, @KongSamariah, used the Twitter handle to claim to be the owner of the Twitter accounts “Faggot Kong” and “FAG Samariah”.

In January 2019, the accounts @FaggedNews, @MensReality, @Jihad_Jihad and @Noor_Jabir were suspended after a user posted pictures of the fake account and the real account.

In March 2019, an “Fang” account called “FoggyPants” was created, which featured images of Fag faces with the words “FOGGER” on them.

In August 2019, a “Fg” account named “Ferguson” was suspended.

This account has been active ever since.

In July 2020, an anonymous Twitter user claimed responsibility for the “Figs” account, saying he had been a member of the “Sausage Party” group.

The user then claimed responsibility and threatened to release videos of people in the group.

In June 2021, a user named “fag” was reported as a fake by Twitter, although he is a real account, and had an active account with the handle @fag_trees.

The account, @fags_tree, is now suspended. 

 In June 2021 an account named @Fogfogfugger claimed responsibility on Twitter for using a fake @Fagus_Trees account to harass media and journalists in the UK, with posts claiming that they had broken the law.

In November 2021, an official Twitter account named ‘Fags’ was suspended following the publication of an article on the social network in which the account said it had received threats.

In February 2022, an Twitter account called ‘FAGS’ was created with the name “Feds” and the handle “Fergies”, and posted images of fake police officers.

In April 2022, a new account named Fags_Bones was created and began tweeting pictures of fake bones.

The accounts has been inactive since August 2022. 

The account “Fugged” was recently banned in 2018 after the “fugged_fag2” account posted images from the book “The Great Gatsby” and photos of a black person holding a sign reading “White People Will Be the Next Niggers”. 

In September 2019, Twitter announced that they were investigating an account that claimed to be “Figgers Anonymous”, which was suspended in May 2020 after the accounts posted anti-white posts.

The same account was suspended again in October 2020 after another user posted a photo of black people holding signs saying “FUCK WHITE PEOPLE”. 

“Fag” is also a common name for the group of white supremacists who believe that white people are “the real enemy”. 

The accounts “SaysFag”, “Fals Fag”, and “Baked Fag” have all been suspended in 2018,

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