‘No, You’re Not Alone’: American women in Thailand have the lowest rate of sexual assault

Thai women in the United States are not only not getting raped, but they’re also getting the lowest rates of sexual harassment, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the University of California, San Diego, found that of 2,000 women who reported experiencing physical and verbal harassment, just under half reported being the victim of a rape.

Only 15 percent of women who said they were assaulted were the victim.

The women were from all walks of life, and the researchers say the findings are consistent with research conducted by academics and the public.

“This is the lowest reporting rate in the world, which is why we are very concerned about the high rate of reported rapes in Thailand,” said Dr. Daphne Leong, a professor of sociology at UC San Diego.

The research also found that women in Bangkok were much more likely to be the victims of rape and physical assault.

In a survey of women and girls in Bangkok, just over two-thirds said they had been assaulted.

A third of women said they’d been the victim at least once.

Women were also more likely than men to say that they’d had a sexual encounter that was unwanted, and that they had had to have an orgasm.

Thailand has been struggling with its sexual assault crisis for a long time.

A study last year found that a whopping 93 percent of rape victims reported having been raped.

The National Institute of Justice has called for a nationwide ban on public displays of cleavage in Thai clothes.

And last year, a study by the nonprofit organization Sexual Assault Survivors Alliance found that the country had the highest rate of rapes in the Asia-Pacific region, surpassing the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia.

In addition to the low rate of rape in Thailand, there’s a stigma attached to female sexuality.

The country also has a high rate in violent crime, with almost 40 percent of the country’s murders attributed to sex trafficking.

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