How to avoid ‘stealing’ an album online: How to keep track of all your friends’ albums

I spent a lot of time this week digging through my friend’s music collection. 

I couldn’t resist, though. 

It was almost a daily task, as my social network, Instagram, has been filled with a vast amount of music. 

So I was always looking to find my favourite tracks and find out what my friends had listened to. 

With my friends’ music, I could then find out exactly where it was from, and share the information with them. 

Of course, there were times when I was able to share that information with my friend directly. 

But it’s important to remember that these sharing options are usually limited to a single person. 

To keep track, I then made a simple guide for my friends. 

Each time I shared a track, the other person had to click the share button to send a notification. 

As I shared with my friends, I had to add the album art and track details to my account. 

And with that, the process was complete. 

There was no way to keep tabs on everything my friends listened to, and my social networking had a much bigger footprint than my personal music collection, making it easier to steal their music.

I had a problem This week, my friend posted a screenshot of his Instagram and Instagram-enabled Google+ account in the comments section of this article. 

That photo showed the same thing my friend was doing on Instagram. 

On Instagram, he was sharing his Instagram-accessible music collection with his followers, but on Google+, he was adding his own album art. 

The only difference was the album artwork had a different title, ‘MySpace’, to the original Instagram caption, ‘In the Name of MySpace’. 

That’s because MySpace is an online service that allows users to create and manage accounts, and upload and share photos, videos and music.

The original Instagram post had the album ‘MyMusic’, and the caption, “In the name of MyMusic”  In the photo above, you can see the album name changed to ‘My Music’, and a new caption, which had changed the title to “In the names of My Music”. 

Now, the original text on the Instagram post reads: “I am writing a book, called MySpace, in the name and for the people who love me and will continue to love me forever, the people I love, the artists I love.

 It is my love and my life and I am writing it in the names and in the hearts of everyone who has ever loved me.” “

This is my first book and I want to be the first. 

 It is my love and my life and I am writing it in the names and in the hearts of everyone who has ever loved me.” 

He also wrote the album’s title, which is a common mistake. 

“The original title was MySpace. 

In my book, I will write the names in the stars. 

My name is MySpace, and it is my world. 

People will know me. 

They will love me.

I am MySpace.” 

As you can clearly see, MySpace was changed to “MyMusic”, and the album title had changed to “MySpace”. 

The post also added a caption that had changed it from “For the people of Myspace” to “‘In the Names of My Space’.” The caption also said that he was writing a “book” and that he had “written the names” and “in the hearts” of all the people in his life. 

What can you do if you find your friend sharing your music on Instagram? 

My advice is to follow the guidelines below. 

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

The steps below are to help you identify when you might be sharing your friend’s songs online and to avoid becoming a thief. 


Check your Instagram account.

Instagram requires you to upload a photo with a timestamp. 

This is done by uploading a photo that shows the photo to the Instagram server in a new post. 

You can also do this in your browser. 

Instagram does not require you to check your Instagram password to verify your account, but if you do not know it, you might not be able to find your account if you are sharing on the service. 


Check whether the person sharing your content is logged into your Google+ profile. 

A person can share on Google+ only if they are signed in to their Google+ username. 

For a list of Google+ users who are allowed to post on Google+. 

If someone who is logged in to your Google+.

account has posted on Instagram, they are not permitted to share on the same account as someone who does not have the same Google+ credentials. 


Check to see whether your Instagram profile includes a link to the person posting the content. 

Once you have checked to see if your account is listed in your Google

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