How to add social networking features to Google Maps

With Google Maps you can share your location, add a photo and more.

To add social network features to a location, you need to add it to the service. 

If you are a developer you will be able to add these features on your own with no need for the help of Google. 

However, if you are an app developer, the options are limited. 

With the Android Wear SDKs social network capabilities, developers can add these social networking capabilities to their apps. 

Here is how to add the social networking capability to your app:1.

Go to Settings.2.

Tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner.3.

Scroll down until you see Social Networking and then tap Add Social Network.4.

Enter your Google Developer account credentials (required for Google Play services) and tap Done. 

After you add this feature, you will need to set the social network to “always available” in your Google Maps app. 

To do this, open your Google Play app and tap the gear icon at the top right of the map.5.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings.6.

Tap Connectivity.7.

Tap Social Network Settings.8.

Tap on the Social Network option and tap Add. 

You can also choose to share your address and phone number if you wish to share this location with others. 

Note: If your social network is already enabled in your app, you can’t add it again in this step.9.

Tap OK and the social connection will be active.10.

You will then be able add this new feature to your map in the navigation bar, and it will appear on the map as a green marker on the top left. 

The feature will then automatically add the location to your location search. 

Google Maps is not the only platform that supports social network functionality. 

Facebook has built-in social network integration for their mobile apps, and Twitter has built in support for their desktop apps as well. 

These apps have also recently introduced features to their respective services. 

We will cover the different social networking platforms in this guide.

If you want to learn more about social network services, check out this article .

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