How the social network Mingle is working with the police to stop crime

A group of young people are using the social networking site Mingle to raise money for charity and help the homeless.

Mingle is a platform where people can make a donation or share their experiences of crime with others.

The social network says it was founded by three teenage girls in the UK and Australia.

They are raising money for the UK’s homelessness charity.

“I’m trying to do this to help homeless people, to help people who have had a bad experience with the law and who are desperate,” 16-year-old Chloe said.

She said she wanted to give people an outlet to vent their frustrations and problems.

“I feel like it’s really important that people talk about it, because we can’t just blame ourselves and say, ‘Oh, it’s because of that’,” Chloe said, describing the experience of people who are homeless.

“We have to take responsibility for our own actions and our own problems.”

“If we’re just going to put our hands on people, and they’re going to do nothing about it because it’s too difficult to deal with, it makes it really difficult for us to solve the problems.”

The website uses Mingle’s community management tools to organise donations, create an app and offer information on how to help out.

Ms Stansfield said it had been a difficult time for her organisation, which runs shelters for people who had been arrested for drug offences.

But, she said, the girls have been working hard to make it a success.

“We’ve had to get creative with the app to make sure it’s not just for one person,” Ms Stansbury said.

“So it’s been a big team effort, which has been really helpful.”

The kids have really taken on the challenge, they’re really focused and really dedicated.

“The website offers a free app that users can download to use for donations.

It also has a dedicated app for people to call and share their thoughts and experiences.”

When we see people doing it, we know that they’re in need of help,” Ms Sayerson said.

The website has become a major source of information and support for the homeless community in recent months, with the group raising more than $6 million through donations, sponsorships and social media.


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